His pointer finger circled my puckered love cave. ‘Are you ready for this?’ he mewled, smirking at me like a mother hamster about to eat her three-legged young.

50 Shades of Grey

Next time you feel bad about your work, remember this shit got published

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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

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i want to live here

File under definitely want

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Anna Pan is an animation student at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. The blend of daily life with surrealism creates contemplative, enigmatic pieces that easily draw the eye.

A lot of the time I find myself drawing or reusing a lot of my older characters — especially the ones from a couple of years ago, where their stories are so convoluted and have been changed so many times I can’t really remember what happen[s] to them anymore. They still stay in the back of my mind, and I use a lot of them as guinea pigs or vessels for my own emotions and experiences. I think I’ve been through so much with them that I’m too fond of them to let them go… 

Interview with Anna Pan

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Check out the interview i did for artandcetera! Thanks so much to Alex for asking me to do the interview! 

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The Ice Climbers cosplayers we saw today though
Edit - The Ice Climbers’ tumblr


The Ice Climbers cosplayers we saw today though

Edit - The Ice Climbers’ tumblr

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my favorite phrases from my assassin’s creed playthroughs:

  • Kill the Pope
  • Desynchronized: You killed George Washington

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A few highlights from what has been called one of the worst interviews in recent history.

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Scanned the Cat Collection from my #Inktober sketchbook. 

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Tenshi no Tamago

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art students before a final is due


art students before a final is due

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i want to prove a point to my parents



reblog if you have ever blinked or drank water in your entire life. they keep telling me that i’m the only one who does these things and i want to show them that that’s not the case at all. please help me show them that this is an actual thing that people do

i can’t relate but reblogging for a good cause

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My name is Colleen and i am a Khajiit. i like let's play videos, tea, yoga, books, and art. sometimes i like nature things. i have vivid and bizarre dreams every night, and that's not always a good thing.

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